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The following is a partial list of Engineering software projects and products which were created by Winsoft Software Inc. for our corporate clients and spin-off companies we were involved in over time.
Finesse (1986-1990)
3-Dimensional Structural graphics display and engineering analysis system. Featuring world's first use of 3-D buttons in Windows and real-time moving 3-D graphics display system. Featured among 10 best of class applications in the world during official launch of Microsoft 3.0 in June 1990.

GFD (1988-1991)
Structural Steel Design system for Canadian and American design codes. Project commissioned by Steel Design Institute. 

BEAP (1989-1993)
Boundary Element Analysis System for mine analysis and design for sub-strata mine shaft imaging platform. Designed for Energy Mines and Resources Canada.

PCA-Build (1993-1996)
State-of-the-art reinforced concrete building analysis and design system. Designed for Portland Cement Association.

PCA-Frame (1990 - 1994)
3-Dimensional large scale structural analysis program. (More..

PCA-Mats (1994)
Reinforced Concrete MAT foundation analysis and design program. (More..)

PCA-Wall (1995)
Reinforced Concrete Wall panel analysis and design program. (More..)

Conspan LRFD/LA (1995-1999)
Prestressed Concrete continuous beam analysis and design system for bridge spans using the LRFD engineering code. (More..)

RC-Pier (1995-1998)
Prestressed and Reinforced concrete pier analysis and design system for bridge piers. (More..)

Presto (1996-1998)
Prestressed and Reinforced concrete bridge panel analysis and design system for bridges. (More..)

Concise Beam (1990-1996)
Prestressed concrete beam design program. (More..)

Concise Bridge (1995-1997)
Prestressed concrete bridge design program. Project commissioned by CPCI.

PCA-CAD (1992-1995)
Windows based CAD program to generate 3-Dimensional structural image data to be used as input in the PCA-Frame program. (More..)

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