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Financial Applications

The following is a partial list of Financial software projects and products which were created by Winsoft Software Inc. over time.
Winfund Back-Office (1996-2000)
Electronic order entry and client record keeping system for mutual fund dealers and representatives.

Winfund Front-Office (1998-2000)
Electronic order entry and client record keeping system for mutual fund dealers and representatives.

CIBC Aggregation (2002-2003)
Account Aggregation system project was commissioned by the Direct to Consumer channel (DTC) of CIBC. The system integrates the existing services of CIBC with the Cash Edge scraping service and provides account aggregation service for CIBC Internet customers.

CIBC Mortgage A3 (2002-2004)
Designed for the CIBC Mortgages Inc. (CMI) of CIBC Bank, the A3 project provides a middleware solution that links a number of internal servers of CIBC with the On-Line Mortgage system provided by Filogix.

WealthServ Insurance (2002-2009)
Originally started as LifeServ, Wealthserv Insurance evolved into a life insurance application processing, record keeping and commission system for insurance general agencies (MGA) and insurance brokers in Canada. (

WealthServ Investments (2002-2009)
Originally started as Repvisor, Wealthserv Investments is a comprehensive dealer back office system for Canadian mutual fund dealers and US broker-dealers. (

WealthServ IDEX (2006-2009)
Microsoft BizTalk based data exchange middleware platform, connecting distribution systems to financial clearing systems in real-time.

WealthServ Advisor (2008-2009)
Mutual fund representative and insurance broker financial information access portal.

WealthServ Dynamics CRM (2008-2009)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 integration for WealthServ Investments, WealthServ Insurance with document management and reporting functionality.

WealthServ FI-X (2008-2009)
Insurance company data delivery portal with underwriting and real time transaction processing capabilities.

Frontex (2007-2009)
Client portfolio analysis and display system with detailed fund information breakdown, correlation data, portfolio performance and advanced reporting.
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