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Our team has been directly involved in development projects since 1986. Originally based in Ottawa Canada, Winsoft enjoyed strong and continuous growth since its inception. Our company was constantly in high demand by new and repeat customers.


The initial business venture was formed by Dr. Mehmet Baltacioglu as the majority shareholder and founder in 1986 and later a spinoff was created called Cube Systems where the employees of the company became part shareholders to market the FINESSE product.

Winsoft focused on developing graphics primitives and toolkits for the initial version of Microsoft Windows operating system starting from 1986. The company became very successful in illustrating the vast capabilities of the new and exciting platform and was very prolific in developing very innovative graphics software tools.

Our President, Dr. Baltacioglu was invited to join Bill Gates along with other selected 8 industry leaders in jointly introducing the new Windows 3.0 platform to the world in June 1990. Among the other Canadian companies which were selected are Corel and Delrina which later became household names in the information technology sector. The involvement of these select companies was included in the launch proceedings and marketing materials which were provided to the industry by Microsoft in June 1990.


Winsoft between years 1990 and 1995 focused on developing engineering applications using their innovative graphics toolkit. In addition to these, there are over 10 other large scale applications and platforms which we developed under contract with our corporate clients and partners.


Winsoft started to branch out in 1995 to other areas of software development. Most notably, we were involved in developing dental and hospital management software.


Winsoft Software Inc. focused in financial software markets starting from 1997 with the development of Winfund Mutual Fund Back Office System. Winfund was an internal project for Winsoft between 1996 and 2000. The product was rolled into a spin-off company called Winfund in 1997.The created spin-off company Winfund entered into a market with predominant players after recognizing that all the competition had many weak points.  The company started as a virtual non-entity in 1997 and turned into the predominant software product in 3 years. The company reached to capture 40% of the Canadian market and in 2000 Power Corp (Mackenzie Financial) purchased the company.

WealthServ was a major software development project between years 2002 and 2009. This product development started in 2002 mainly targeting the US market. Noticing the need in the financial industry south of the border, we created the concept of RepVisor product to service the US market and replicate the success of Winfund.

The project was later extended to cover the straight through Insurance processing system called LifeServ in 2004. In 2005, we brokered a successful deal with EDS Corporation where the two products were combined under the WealthServ brand name. (EDS was a multi- national company with over 20 billion in revenues and 140,000 employees at the time when Winsoft entered into a joint alliance with EDS). Winsoft Software Inc.and EDS and jointly we targeted the US and Canadian market until EDS was acquired by HP in 2008.

One year after the EDS sale, assets of Winsoft - specifically WealthServ line of products - were acquired by BlueSun.


Since the sale of WealthServ Winsoft Software Inc. has been targeting other sectors of the softwware industry. In 2011, we attempted to enter into the loyalty and prepaid card management industry with an innovative product. In the interim period, Between 2011 and 2015 efforts were made to understand and implement a smart chip encryption design along with loyalty based prepaid cards.

Realizing that partnering with other existing players were more advantageous, Winsoft decided to look for a partner with and established Loyalty product into the North American market.

Between 2011 and 2014 we investigated work with Verisoft A.S. and with Cardtek Inc. and finally decided to enter into a joint marketing agreement with Extra Loyalty in 2014. Legal framework was finalized with Extra Loyalty in 2016 and we have been actively trying to find solutions for the combined smart card - prepaid - loyalty card platforms since 2016.

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